1/28/24 – Mario the Librarian

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I think it would be cool if Mario was a librarian, like you if it was be a game you could like help people check out books and stuff. Heres all the vice presidents I know in order: adams jefferson burr clinton gerry tompkins calhoun van-buren johnson tyler dallas fillmore king breckinridge hamlin johnson colfax and I don’t know the rest the next guy might be hendricks or Stevenson but probably not.

Chinese people also live longer because they are smaller on average and so they probably have good bones and stuff for a while and don’t get as much cancer as I do at a height of 6’10.

I would like the ravens to win the afc championship today because taylor swift and makes bad music and jackson mahomes is gay also Patrick mahomes is overrated and gay plus travis kelce is annoying and jason kelce has nothing without his brother.

I had a dream last night that I was going to have sex with a black lady and she wasn’t that hot and I didn’t want to have sex with her, so I opted for the old finger. It was pretty cool as well

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